Outwoods Annual Meeting 2016 held at the De Ferrers Academy

Chairman John Anderson presided over the meeting on the 18th April and started the evening with a welcome to over 80 residents, then introduced those Parish Councillors who were present. There were very hearty rounds of applause for each of the councillors for their hard work in the Parish over the past year.

Guest speakers for the evening included Ben Robinson, Chairman of Burton Albion who did an informative and entertaining presentation on the history of the club from its early beginnings to the present day with a short slide show and video.

Vice Principal of de Ferrers, Nick Holmes, who will be taking over as Principal in May, did a presentation on how education is changing locally.

Mick Cramp,who runs the Burton Soup Kitchen spoke about its work why it is needed in the town. The evening was concluded with a talk by John Anderson on some of the achievements of Outwoods Parish Council and provided updates on housing developments in Outwoods. The evening was judged a great success. Refreshments and treats were provided and all  that were not used being donated to the Soup Kitchen.


December 2015 - Supporting the Burton Mail's 'Feed our Families Campaign'

Outwoods Parish Council is backing the campaign to stock the food banks at Burton YMCA and South Derbyshire Community Voluntary Service.

Council chairman John Anderson said: "The Parish Council is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to support this worthwhile campaign.

Outwoods residents have responded magnificently with numerous donations already gratefully received. The Co-operatve supermarket have also contributed three trays of food.

October 2015 - Warning signs needed on Field Lane

The Parish Council has asked Staffordshire County Council for signs to warn drivers of the sharp double bend at the top of Field Lane. Staffs county council highways have said they do not want to clutter the roads with too many signs and claimed such measures would have 'little or no benefit'. Parish chairman John Anderson has regularly towed cars out of the ditch on the bend, the site of many accidents over the years. He has towed several vehicles out of the ditch himself.
Because many of these accidents are never reported they do not add to statistics, but this most certainly does not mean they do not happen. It is especially treacherous in winter.

Campaign to Reduce Speeding on Beam Hill Road

Speeding along Beam Hill Road has become a serious issue for residents. Several Community Speedwatch sessions held in conjunction with Staffordshire Police showed that up to 40 vehicles per hour were caught exceeding the 30mph speed limit, with some driving at up to 50mph. There has already been one major incident involving serious injury and recently a resident had their cat run over and killed by a speeding driver who failed to stop. 

The issue has been referred to Staffordshire Highways who predictably do not see a problem and could only suggest putting stickers on wheelie bins! Outwoods Parish Council is campaigning for permanent speed cameras or more police camera vans to be deployed as it is considered that prosecutions are the only way to deter offenders. Councillor Paul Barker said "At the very least we should have more prominent speed limit signs and speed indicator displays." Staffordshire Highways have said that the use of vehicle activated signs has been found to be ineffectual long term and does not warrant the cost of their installation and upkeep, yet actual surveys in other parts of the country show that such equipment does have a long term effect in reducing vehicle speeds.

October 2015 - Outwoods Parish Council supporting the Burton Mail's 'Pennies for Heroes' Campaign.

The mayor of East Staffordshire David Leese, Burton Albion chairman Ben Robinson, YMCA chief Paul Laffey and representatives from the Staffordshire Regiment Association to help unveil the memorial next to Burton Library on 24th October 2015

Also present were Burton MP Andrew Griffiths, 93-year-old war veteran Sydney Nicholls.

July 2015 -
The Outwoods Neighbourhood Plan is Formally Adopted by Referendum

Two years work by Parish Councillors and steering group members has finally come to fruition  as the Outwoods Neighbourhood Development Plan was accepted by a large majority of Outwoods residents at the referendum held on the 15th July. The 'Plan' gives the community statutory powers which ESBC will now use to help it decide planning applications in Outwoods.

Votes cast  were as follows:-       YES - 512       NO - 61   Turnout 30.2%

You can download a copy of the full 'Plan' here

League of Friends group at Queens Hospital receive donation from Parish Council

The Parish Council voted unanimously at their last meeting to donate £350 towards the target of £35,000 for the purchase of retinal scanning equipment at Burton's Queens hospital.

The League of Friends is a charity which provides support for the hospital.

In just over 4 years Outwoods Football Club has grown from just a couple of teams to having a total of 18 teams (200+ players) in the year 2015 plus an Academy for very young kids (school year 1). Their aim is to cater for ALL children regardless of their ability or where they happen to live. Read all about the club's history by chairman and founder Darren Tye here

March 2015 -An application to fell a 100-year old oak tree on land owned by Henhurst & District Recreation Club has been refused by ESBC following objections by Outwoods Parish Council and campaign group 'Friends of Outwoods'. The tree already has a preservation order on it but the applicant Roy West who owns the adjacent property wanted it removed as he claimed its roots were restricting access to a field at the rear

February 2015 - Discussions commenced regarding improving Green Valley Play Area

January 2015- Purchased a defibrillator for De Ferrers academy- Dove campus


December 2014 - Special recognition all the work the Salvation Army does for the community.  Council along with residents made contributions.

October 2014 - Funded the introduction of additional fencing on Beam Hill Play Area

September 2014 - Funding for a village planter obtained

June 2014 - World War 1 Event

7th April 2014 - Annual Assembly - Trent campus, De Ferrers Academy

25th March - 10-2pm Free dog micro chipping event/Hosted by Dogs Trust - Car park adjacent to Beam Hill Play Area

13th March - Appeal allowed P/2013/000591 - Land North of Harehedge Lane - 24 dwellings.

12th March - very successful Neighbourhood plan workshop.  Representatives from Shobnall primary school, De ferrers and Outwoods primary school attended.

8 March 2014 - Path to Beamhill play area has been extended to allow easier access to the play area.

6 March  2014 - Very successfull Neighbourhood plan meeting on the 5th.  Vision and objectives for the project were discussed.

5th March, 12th March, 19th March - Neighbourhood development work shops - Dove Campus, Harehedge Lane

30 January 2014 - Neighbourhood plan launch event at De ferrers academy, Dove campus, 6-8pm everyone welcome.

January 2014 - Extension of footpath, Beamhill Play area - the parish council will be discussing at the meeting in January whether to proceed with further improvement work.




ESBC will be publishing its local plan for consultation.  Responses need to be received by 29th November 2013.  Outwoods parish council will be agreeing their response at the November scheduled meeting.


Following the approval of several large housing planning applications at the East Staffordshire Borough Council Planning Committee meeting on the 8th July 2013. The Parish Councils of Stretton and Outwoods have joined forces to investigate why East Staffordshire Borough Council planning officers reports had recommended approval of applications on sites which had not been proposed in the Preferred Option Local plan July 2012.

Neither Upper Outwoods Farm or Guinevere Avenue, Stretton had been identified as possible development sites in East Staffordshire Borough Councilís preferred options. Local residents were unhappy with this decision and both Parish Councils wished to pursue this on their behalf.

In the interests of saving public money, the Parish Councils joined forces to share the costs of consulting with a barrister in relation to a possible Judicial Review challenge against East Staffordshire Borough Council.

The Parish Councils also appointed the services of a Planning Consultant to gather and collate the necessary documentation.

The Parish Councils have now met with the Barrister and the report from the Planning Consultant has been received.

Due to the costs of pursuing a Judicial Review Challenge, each Council separately decided that it could not afford the spending, probably in excess of £20,000 of its precept, even if it was available.

Both Parish Councils are now exploring what further actions could be taken.

Residents who are unhappy with the approval of these planning applications can write initially to ESBC and then to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Useful websites:




January 2013 - Notice board introduced at the Henhurst following funding secured by the parish council

January 2013 - The parish council acknowledged residents concerns regarding development off Tutbury Road, in particular an area of land which floods.

March 2013 - New play equipment installed in Beamhill Road Play area

March 2013 - Outwoods parish council objected to planning applications Redhouse Farm at ESBC planning committee meeting

March 2013 - Outwoods parish council objected to planning application Beamhill Valley at ESBC planning committee meeting

April 2013 - Refurbishment of street furniture, Harehedge Lane/Tutbury Road

April 2013 - Outwoods parish council on behalf of residents formally wrote to the planning inspector to further confirm objection to the Hallam Land development

April 2013 - The parish council submitted a list of street signs which needed replacing within the parish to ESBC

May 2013 - Recruitment of speedwatch volunteers.

May 2013 - Residents raised concerns regarding inadequate mail box services within the parish.  The council along with Royal mail after auditing the existing services confirmed for the moment that they were adequate.

May 2013 - Outline planning application submitted by Hallam Land Management - The parish council submitted an objection to this planning application on behalf of residents.

May 2013 - The parish council formally contacted Marstons Estates Head Office regarding the state the perimeter fencing

May 2013 - The parish council donated a bench to our local allotment association

May 2013 - The parish council informed ESBC of local residents concern regarding the play area - Green Valley Estate - This play area is managed by ESBC

May 2013 - The annual parish assembly raised concerns regarding low level crime within the parish on the increase.  Potential incidents please report to local police - telephone no 101

June 2013 - Training of speedwatch volunteers.

June 2013 - Public meeting venue changed to de ferrers academy, ground floor, to ensure easy access for all residents to our public meeting

July 2013 - Weekly safety checks introduced in the play area

July 2013 - Land at Upper Outwoods Farm - the parish council objected to this planning application on behalf of residents.  ESBC approved the application.

July 2013 - Land at Upper Outwoods Farm - The first appeal has now been postponed by the  planning inspectorate at the request of the appellants.

July 2013 - Litter is becoming a problem in Beamhill Play Area.  The parish council have introduced a weekly litter pick.

July 2013 - Hallam Land Developers - public inquiry has been postponed.

July 2013 - Erection of 24 dwellings, Harehedge Lane.  The parish council formally submitted its objection to this planning application.

July 2013 - First City Developers hosted a consultation event for 500 properties, Tutbury Road. No planning application has been submitted.

July 2013 - Local PCSO identified to work with the parish council to facilitate speed watch.

August 2013 - Newsletter to residents

August 2013 - The parish council are actively pursuing the feasibility of a judicial review in regard to a planning application for land at Upper Outwoods Farm.

August 2013 - The parish council still wish to pursue a local neighbourhood plan but do need residents to come forward to join the steering committee.  If you are interested in supporting, please contact the clerk or councillors.

August 2013 - Harehedge Lane planning application - 24 properties.  The parish council objected to the planning application.  ESBC have refused this application.

August 2013 - Field Lane seating area - The parish council are currently obtaining quotation to refurbish this.

August 2013 - Redhouse Farm public inquiry - Outwoods parish council submitted its objection on behalf of residents.  A decision will not be made for a further 3-6 months by the planning inspector.

August 2013 - Neighbourhood Highways team in the area - Tidying up work at the top of Field Lane and highway by the play area, Beam Hill was carried out

September 2013 - Speedwatch training will be taking place for further volunteers within the parish

September 2013 - The parish council are seeking further improvement work required within the parish.  Please submit your recommendations to the clerk.

September 2013 - More volunteers have come forward for Speedwatch training.

November 2013 - Red House Farm - planning application appeal has been upheld.


April 2012 -  Public consultation with residents of Outwoods parish regarding proposed Hallam Land development

April 2012 - Newsletter to residents

July 2012 - Consultation with local residents regarding refurbishment of Beamhill Play Area

August 2012 - Initial launch of Neighbourhood development plan for Outwoods parish

September 2012 - Parish council responded to ESBC local plan on behalf of local residents

September 2012 - Lengthsman contract application with SCC process began

September 2012 - Bench replaced - Field Lane

December 2012 - Substantial funding acquired by the parish council for refurbishment of the play area, Beamhill Road
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