Outwoods Emergency Plan

The Parish Council has been approached by ESBC to draw up an emergency plan for Outwoods Parish. In an emergency there may be a need to evacuate some or all of our residents in the event of fire, explosion, medical emergency, rescues, incidents with hazardous chemicals, plane crash, bomb threats, armed confrontations and natural disasters. Can you help?

In order for the Parish Council to formulate the plan we would like to know if any of our residents can help with the following:

Are there any Volunteer Groups within the Parish (e.g. Women’s Institute, Rotary, RVS, Women’s Guild etc) who would be prepared to assist in some way,  for example provide support in a Help Centre?

Do you have any large vehicles e.g. a Tractor and/or a Trailer which could help move people to a secure area or the Help Centre?

Do you consider yourself or do you know of any vulnerable people in the Parish who may need assistance with evacuation in an Emergency situation? (If it is not yourself please ask permission from the person who you think is vulnerable before submitting their details but only if they are unable to do so themselves). We will contact the person to determine how we may be of assistance and ensure confidentiality.

Please do not be alarmed, the chances of such an emergency in our Parish are remote but it is best be prepared.

If you can help or provide us with information please contact us.

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